Child Support Guidelines

The Child Support Rules and Guidelines provide a mathematical formula for computation of child support. The support obligation that its use determines is the presumed amount of all child-support obligations. However, these Rules provide a means by which an Indiana trial court may deviate from the presumed support of the Guidelines:

Child Support Calculator

The Indiana Supreme Court provides a Child Support Calculator to help estimate your child support costs.

Child Support Calculator

Parenting Time Guidelines

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (IPTGs) specify the non-primary (custodial) parent’s parenting time with the child(ren). In addition, the IPTGs set forth provisions for infants, holidays, special occasions, school breaks and summer parenting.


Indiana trial courts routinely require (order) domestic litigants to attend mediation with a neutral third party in an effort to attempt to resolve their dispute before trial. Mediation has a high rate of success and most cases never actually proceed to trial.

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